Negotiate and activate genuine value-added partnerships.

We can develop the following for you :

Auditing and redesigning sponsorship strategies (for the advertiser and the rights holder), negotiating partnerships, contracting, activation plans, ethics and compliance, optimising budgets and ROI.

Because of its emotional connection with the public, sponsorship is one of the most effective elements of the marketing mix. Yet budgets are under pressure and results are being challenged. We have the cutting-edge expertise to meet the sector’s challenges:

1) Skillfully mastering digital engagement

2) Fostering authentic connections in line with consumer values

3) Demonstrating impact and educating on the industry’s forms of measurement


Did you know ?

We have managed €100 million in sponsorship and activation to date.
We have demonstrated that sponsorship increases brand consideration at least twofold.
We have won over twenty Belgian and European awards for the creativity and results of our activations.